The Silence is Broken

posted Aug 27, 2014, 4:46 PM by Callum Laurenson
You may have noticed that we have been a little quiet recently.  We have had our heads down working, and have some very interesting new developments to share!

At the Junior World Championships in Plovdiv, we were able to successfully demonstrate our system registering touches.  However, we did experience some difficulties with the types of Pistes, the concrete floors and the unusual power supplies which we had not encountered in Australia.  This resulted in an error where hits to the piste would not be cancelled in Epee.  Here is a picture of our improvised solution to the problem; a strip of aluminium foil placed beside the piste.

Aluminium Piste

However, experiencing these issues motivated us to redesign the hardware (laying out a strip of aluminium beside strips during a competition is not ideal) and solve these piste problems once and for all. Because of this we have been working on a new hardware prototype, using the same proven sensing methods of our last system, but with more immunity to the surrounding environment.   This new hardware is almost ready for another small production run and more of the same thorough testing to find these last few hidden bugs in the system.

Expect to hear more from us soon!