1. When can I get it?
You can order one now, through kickstarter!  We will be shipping out in May next year!

2. How much will it cost?
We haven't decided on a final retail price, for the moment we are focussed on meeting our promises on Kickstarter. 

3. Does it work even when fencers are sweaty?
Yes!  The system is fully operational regardless of the sweatiness of the fencers.  In Sabre, excessive sweat and large lames may cause the rear hand to become target area.

4. Is it FIE certified?
The system has not been certified by the FIE.  We meet all of the signalling requirements except for the following:

Foil and Epee
When the skin of a fencer is directly contacting the piste (eg. fencing barefoot, or placing the rear hand flat on the piste), hits by their opponent to the skin may be incorrectly registered as piste hits.

If the rear hand is placed in full contact with the lame, directly covering target, hits to that hand may be registered as on target hits. Hits to the whites of the fencer are still registered correctly, even when sweaty.

Direct hits to the skin of the rear hand may register as on-target when fencers are very sweaty, or when a large area of the hand is pressed into the lame (and hence covering target).

When a fencer's blade is in contact with their own lame, and without breaking contact, subsequently touches their opponent's lame, the system will not always register a hit correctly. The system will still always correctly register any hit by the opponent in this situation.

5. Who's using it at the moment?
We are currently using and testing it in a variety of clubs in Melbourne.  Soon they will also be available for testing at a few international clubs.

6. Does the system require a conductive shirt?
The system does not require a conductive shirt, or any form of body contact.  

7. Does the system support conductive pistes?
Yes! The system operates correctly on conductive pistes.